Tough is a word that few people truly understand.

Tough=grit. Tough people are never taken down by challenges. Suffering, for tough people, is endurable. The goal, however, is the objective.
Father: No more hanging around your pal Jimmy. He can't stop getting involved in fights and drugs! He 's no friend to you!

Son: He's my pal, a tough guy......

Father: No! It doesn't take much grit to throw a punch or smoke a joint, but it takes a hell of a lot to work yourself to death for a sociopathic boss and come at 2:00 a.m. every night without complaining! I'm the tough guy, I'm the one with grit!!!!!
by LukeFlieren2568 January 5, 2014
A sub-group of Choate students who's lives are totally reliant on lax, dip, and being dicks.
"Dip lax Dip Dip Man gay fag dude dip fag" said Derek to his tough buddy Mike.
by Derek Bertolini May 24, 2008
I got in a fight yesterday and got punched in the genitals but it did not hurt because I am tough.
by Toughguy164 October 10, 2010
John Murray ce, Tasmanian man
He's not as tough as old John
by Clyd3 September 18, 2013
"In fact if you look up the word tough in the dictionary theres probably a picture of them right next to it" ~ Carla from Fairy Tail
by Panda Melon April 18, 2019