nooking is an artform of sleeping in which two or more people sleep together whereas each nooker in entwined in the other. Similar to spooning, but better.
Seven individuals are nooking on the bed.
by The RIC Royal September 9, 2006
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When one goes into a nook, or any other place for that matter, to make out. Usually occurs at parties, but can occur elsewhere.
" Oh my god, I just nooked with the hottest guy in my school!"
by GLoUiSs143 February 6, 2005
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To read a book on a sleek, light e-reader device called a Nook and marketed by Barnes & Noble.
"Sorry, I can't talk to you now honey, I'm nooking the new Dan Brown book on my Nook and I just can't put it down!"
by PRwiz101 October 24, 2009
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Sininym for lynching - word used to describe the torture and hanging of slaves in ancient and even contemporary america.
i just nooked that nigro that stole my shoes while he was shining them. OR - Ladainian was just nooked in the town square!
by ansanje felix February 7, 2005
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I would love to make some sweet nook nook with her
by mr red123 November 13, 2010
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Nook Nooked the act of getting "owned" so hard you black out
"Woah did you see that head shot?" "Yeah that guy got Nook Nooked."
by Brandon E. Maiori March 16, 2008
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