"an eagle hung almost motionless close to the ground"
by Milo S. January 5, 2014
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Motionless in White are a gothic metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The band was formed in 2005 by Chris Motionless, Frank Palumbo, Angelo Parente, & TJ Bell.

Lineup as of February 2016:

Chris "Motionless" Cerulli - Vocals
Ricky "Horror" Olson - Rythym Guitar
Ryan Sitkowski - Lead Guitar
Devin "Ghost" Sola - Bass
Vinny Mauro - Touring Drummer

Motionless in White have 3 studio albums - Creatures, Infamous & Reincarnate. Their fourth album is in progress.

Some Popular MIW Songs:

Immaculate Misconception

Devil's Night
Break The Cycle
Motionless in White are the best band ever! Their live shows are amazing!
by BandAddict77 February 27, 2016
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Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) is the vocalist for the metalcore band Motionless In White. He is also the sexiest man alive. Has many tattoos and 3 lip piercings and fabulous hair and amazing abs and just gorgeous overall. He is also one of the song writers for his band. Their lyrics are perfect and beautiful and I love all their songs. Chris' voice is one of the best I've ever heard and Motionless In White is definitely a life saving/changing band. I couldn't thank them enough for just existing.
Me: You know the band Motionless In White?
Friend: Yeah they're great. Chris Motionless is amazing.
by A Band Whore November 12, 2013
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A gothic metal band formed in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Their line-up as of 2012 is:

Chris - Vocals
Angelo - Drums
Ricky - Guitar
Balz - Keyboards
Ryan - Guitar
Ghost - Bass
Motionless in White will be at Vans Warped Tour 2012.
by Ms.Mansfield. May 28, 2012
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Chris motionless is the vocalist for the metal band motionless in white . Chris motionless was born on October, 17. 1986 . His real name is Christopher Thomas Cerulli and he was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He formed motionless in white in 2005 . One of the bands most popular songs are reincarnate , puppets trilogy and his song with Ash Costello of New Year's Day , " angel eyes" .
Fan #1. ; woah , dude did you got to the motionless in white concert last night ? Chris motionless's screaming was rad .

Fan #2 .; nah man , that dude is scary .
by MeowganDrew June 26, 2016
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Motionless in white is an American gothic metalcore band that was formed in Scranton Pennsylvania. The current members are Christopher Thomas ¨Motionless” Cerulli. (Chris Motionless, vocals) Richard Allen ¨Horror” Olson III (Ricky Horror, rhythm guitar), Joshua Joseph Balz (Balz or Josh Balz, Keyboard) Ryan Sitkowski (Lead guitar) ,Devin ¨Ghost” Sola (Bassist) and Vinny Mauro (Drums). Chris is now the only original remaining member, Angelo (co-founder, drummer), left in early 2013, due to physical and mental health issues. Short after a new drummer was hired, Brandon Richter. He was a member of the band until 2014, when he stated that he will sadly no longer be apart of the band and that he will not go into great detail why.
by jennxhorror December 4, 2015
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Motionless in White is an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2005, the band are known for their dark horror-themed or violent lyrics and physical appearences that all of which heavily correspond to gothic imagery. To date, Motionless in White have released two EPs, and one full-length album. Their full-length Creatures reached position 175 on the Billboard 200 in 2010.

Their Lineup (As of 2011) is:

Christopher "Chris Motionless" Cerulli (Vocals)
Thomas Joseph "TJ" Bell (Back-Up Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
Ryan Sitkowski (Lead Guitar)
Richard "Ricky Horror" Olson (Back-Up Vocals,Bass Guitar)
Joshua "Josh" Balz (Keyboards, Synthesizers)

Angelo Parente (Drums)
Lyrics to Motionless In White's song "We Only Come Out At Night"

Paint your face, tonight we terrorize this town
Coffin case, we gather, our time is now
10/31 we roam the streets in thirst for blood
It all begins all begins with you, with your life
10/31 we roam the streets in thirst for blood
Sleep all day party all night, never grow old never die
It's fun to be a vampire
We are the children of the night
And we are rising from the grave
To haunt you in your sleep and drink you from your neck
Cry little sister and save these, save these lost boys, thou shall not fall
Be one of us.
by Ally Attomiic April 2, 2011
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