A term for a close friend.
That girl is the nook to my cranny.
by Chelsea January 25, 2005
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1337-speak for "nuke"
0mg!!! l4unch t3h n00k!!!!11!1!one
by konane February 2, 2005
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Hey brack blotha, u try to be like asian? You a nook man!
by JamRon July 15, 2004
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1. slang word similar to cracker or whitey, etc.
derived from "nanook" an eskimo word for polar bear used by them to describe white people in a negative way.

2.white people's form of nigga.

3. describes haggards, idiots, etc.

other forms include nuck, nooka, etc.
1. eskimo says "that fucking nanook/nook trashed my igloo" or "fuck you nook, go back to the 48"

2. "what up nook"

3. Kevin- "wheres Jeff?" Dan- "That nook is taking back cans to buy gas for his hoopty."
by bkvolcomcky September 19, 2007
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"My girl noticed my nook as she gave me head."
by majorcoxsore August 17, 2008
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A Person. Comparable to a pacifier, which is easily sucked on by infants.

An arrogant person who displays a lack of knowledge and intellect. (insult)
"look at this nook, he talks out of his ass at warp 9"
by Daniel Brown September 8, 2006
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