At first glance at their facade, they seem to be quite distanced, cold, boring and sometimes 'weird' but under this, there is a person who is willing to help you with every one of his ability, a person who can talk and be talked to, understand your needs and wants as well as being able to describe his own in order to meet a compromise and most importantly, being dependable at times when you need help.

The one I know of currently, has a great smile that would even make you smile at one of your days, a good listening ability, deep and emotive eyes that express more than his face which he constantly hides (besides his smile) and a great sense of humour that many would assume he didnt have.

He's definitely one of the people whom many people would like once they enter an Adams' sphere where they would understand why he is the way he is.
I wish I could be like an Adam

Have you heard of Adam?
by warsonwords_right November 15, 2011
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by agejsguejwvd May 31, 2019
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The one kid who makes bets with everyone and owes them all 5 bucks.
by adamwhereismymoney-love rowan September 13, 2019
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Adam is a dude who is very cool and nice, he is often very blunt tho doesn't really mean to be, he can't help it that the first replies that come to mind are "idk" or "ok" and "yeah." He's a huge dork but not in a bad way. He probably is secretly depressed idk and is really shy about talking to girls he likes. He is also probably too hard on himself or doesn't believe that he has any chance at a happy successful life. and thinks there's not a single girl out there who'll ever like a dork dark haired nerd werido goofy blunt socially awkward dude like him, self doubts too much and probably thinks he's not good enough for anyone idk. he's probably wanting a cheese burger with fries and a sweet tea right now. The cowboy emoji is probably his favourite. He can be sarcastic (ikr wasn't expecting that) and very very very VERY forgetful, like forgets what he said 5 minutes ago type forgetful. He might worry about making a fool of himself by saying something stupid and is extra about how hot a broke down bus is in 100 degree heat is or jelly fish stings or gross grasshoppers and probably cheats in Uno but ya gotta love him for it all. Overall even with his frustrating confusing self, he's a great friend and perfect in his own way.
Me: "how was your summer"
Adam: "idk"
by Kybooh October 2, 2019
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Members of the Adamas Nu Omega fraternity and sorority. One of the oldest and active Intercollegiate organization in the Philippines.
Adamants are members of the Adamas Nu Omega Intercollegiate Fraternity and Sorority.
by Trunkz November 27, 2006
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'the art of watching from afar without contribution to the conversation'
by Scarboroughsquad July 31, 2015
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