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this is so stupid like people really follow what the bracelets mean. even if one is snapped people don't go through with it!!
I am in 9th grade and at my skewl thi is what they mean...

black~all the way
blue~blow job
Green~outdoor sex
clear~whatever the snapper wants
red~lap dance
purple~anal sex
white~recite (meaning you have to no matter what)
gold glitter~make out
glittery green~69
glittery purple~anal
by lily May 18, 2004
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person, place, or thing that sucks; not good; stupid

A name to call a stupid person
"You devil, you ate all my candy"

"That place is the devil"
by lily January 16, 2005
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When one is not able to say "I love you" due to circumstances or is mad at their signifigant other, the word Twiggle-squish is the appropriate interjection.
"Shut up! Twiggle-squish."

When around strangers...: "Twiggle-squish."
Around parents or children: "Twiggle-Squish"
by lily July 6, 2004
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A big store where Michele likes to shop
I am going to Wal-Mart
by lily May 6, 2005
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The BEST country in the WORLD with the most attractive people which unfortunately got screwed by a couple of turban-wearing cockroaches with lice crawling beards.
Persia is also known as Iran but call it Persia anyway.
by lily April 1, 2005
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well, u look up R2K in the dictiionary and it says, FINE ASS ROBOT who rocks out on stage everynight with finch BIaTcH...thats websters YO

fade to black, BITCH!
by lily August 21, 2003
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