A paradigm in which the older ideas create the newer religions; for instance the Christian religion.
The messiah is from Ashavism an idea from Iran.

It predates Judaism by more than fifteen hundred years. The reincarnation of the Ashava in Christianity is an example of regionalism at hand.
by metastatic February 9, 2021
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is a form of discrimination that relates to the region in which a person is from. This is often an issue with people that visit one part of the country and are from another region. The regionalist is often looking at the people that are visiting the area as inferior or having lesser qualities than themselves.
Those dumb fucking rednecks have no goddamn clue on how we do shit in New York. They are just wandering around like a bunch of undeveloped neanderthals looking for their next meal and grunting. The people from New York are exhibiting a severe form of "regionalism." They would be referred to as "regionalist!"
by Cleatus Philiso April 11, 2016
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They were *this* close.
Person A: "What the hell are regionals?"
Person B: "They were *this* close."
by CommandrMoose September 22, 2020
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Also known as “Da Region,” It is the section of the Chicago Metropolitan Area that overflows past the Indiana boarder. From a cultural stand point, the region is where the “ethnic” slums of South Side Chicago meets “white corn-fed hillbilly” Indiana, creating very diverse and unique place that is by far better than any other location in Indiana. According to The Chicago Tribune, Lake County is a included in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, but the TRUE region is located only in the Northwest area of Lake County IN; consisting of Whiting, East Chicago, Hammond, Munster, Highland, Griffith, Gary, and the North sides of Dyer, Shererville, and Marrillville. The South sides of Dyer, Shererville, and Marrillville along with St. John, Crown Point, Hobart, and Lake Station (aka Snake Nation) are only considered Semi-Region (People from there can still consider themselves “regionites,” but must bow down to anyone from the TRUE region). People from Porter County, La Porte County, and Southern areas of Lake County such as Lowell, who tell people they are from the region and try to gain of the region’s mystique, are ABSOLUTLY NOT from the region. A solid “rule of thumb” is: if you are in Lake County IN, there are multiple African Americans and Latinos living within a 1 mile radius of you, and there are no corn fields in sight; you are then in the TRUE REGION.

Everyone from the region is Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Socks and/or Cubs fans. People from the region LOVE Chicago sports and are DISGUSTED by the thought of rooting for the Indianapolis Colts or Pacers.

There are many advantages for kids from the region who attend state-colleges such as Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State University, or IUPUI. Region kids are blessed with the double advantage of being able to mingle with prissy rich kids from Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, yet have more “street credibility” than anyone else in Indiana. If you are from the region, kids from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis are automatically jealous of you because you come from far bigger metropolitan area and are more culturally equipped to make friends with out-of-state kids from Chicago, New York, New England, and Southern California. If you are from the region, all out-of-state kids who attend Indiana state-colleges are automatically jealous of you because you possess the FULL FLEDGED RIGHT to say you are from Chicago, yet you pay in-state tuition.
Arlington Heights IL kid to Highland IN kid at Indiana University

Arlington Heights Kid: Where you from?
Highland Kid: Chicago
Arlington Heights Kid: Oh yeah me too, where near Chicago?
Highland Kid: The Region
Arlington Heights Kid: What? Wait, that’s in Indiana, you can’t say you from Chicago.
Highland Kid: Look motherfucker, if the Chicago Tribune says I’m from Chicago, I’m from Chicago!

Indianapolis Kid to Region Kid at Purdue University

Region Kid: I’m a Chicago Bears fan
Indianapolis Kid: How could be a Bears fan? You’re from Indiana!
Region Kid: Look Motherfucker, I’m from the Region! I live 35 min away from down town Chicago, but 3 hours away from Indianapolis. Why the fuck would I root for the Colts!?
by bmagrady April 20, 2009
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n : an area of Indiana encompassing Lake County - some contend that Porter County is also included; many Hoosiers immediately recognize a 'Region-Rat' from the subtle nuances in dialect and propensity of proclaiming being 'from Chicago', albight living in Indiana.

Non-'Regionites' are characterized by the ignorant belief that all of da Region is a gang-infested wasteland a la Mad Max or Escape from New York / LA (of the three, the last two can be seen as a degredative insult).

syn: da region
You: 'Where you from?'
Me: 'North-west Indiana, near Chicago.'
You: 'Oh, the region!?'

You: 'Ever been (mugged / raped / shot-at / deported) in Gary?'
Me: 'No, I'm from the Region, not Warsaw!'
by toeregion July 6, 2005
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Northwest Indiana, generally Lake and Porter counties but some purists believe it's only parts of Lake county, and some losers from LaPorte county call themselves regionites. People from the region are generally left-leaning, blue-collar people as opposed to downright hicks (e.g. the rest of Indiana).
Yeah he's not from indy, he's from the region.
by kaytwo November 27, 2004
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re-gion-als (rē'-jə-nəlz)

DEFINITION: They're this close, Pierce!
And to think they were this close to regionals.

What the hell are regionals?
They're this close, pierce!
by ItsFeliciatime June 10, 2020
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