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Used in videogames as a person that has not donated to the game, therefore being a "non" which is short for "non-donator".

This is often also used negative because they often are new to the game, and have a tendency to act like a noob.
"You wanna party up with that person?"
"But he is a non!"
"Oh, nevermind then."
by gamingpiggy June 30, 2017
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A person who has very little or no personality, any conversation with this person will quickly die as they are so dull and uninteresting.
person: *telling an interesting story*
non: yes
person: ...
by MasterEpic February 17, 2014
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Non is a hypixel unranked guy, the gray rank that has no rights at all, everybody hates on them
masterboi5511: hi guys
MVP++ nonished: shut u stupid non cant even read ur chat
by nonished June 27, 2020
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no in french. because they need the extra letter.
"non! we don't like you americans!"
by moi March 06, 2005
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complete opposite of a sav. either you are a sav or a non. being a non is terrible. one can be a non but considered ruthless
Dude true Simon's a huge non
by tartsav November 15, 2008
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P1: have you seen 'Senior Non-Mutated Karate Slugs' yet?
P2: No man, it's NoN...
by BeTheB December 10, 2014
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Occasionally used as a prefix for words to literally decribe the opposite of the word.

Slang term placed in front of a word to emphasize a negative aspect.
1. Ashanti is horrible...her and her non-singin' ass..

James: OOOOO! My lunch break is in an hour! Ima go play on my Gameboy SP until then! *runs downstairs*
Boss: *runs to the top of the stairs* Get your non-workin ass back up here NOW!
by Tai July 10, 2003
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