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A system that wasnt upgraded from its debut in 1989 to 1998. Crushed systems that had better technology, more colors on the screen and lit screens. Sole reason: The games. If the Gameboy were to ever die, it would be remembered as what kicked ass in the past. You dont need a powerful console to have a great game made for it.
We got a substitute in class today, so I whipped out my gameboy.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
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A gaming device that provided for millions of girls and boys a true family, one that loved them as long as they didn't get a game over. These devices were the first to make gaming portable and spawned a cultural trend of incredible proportions. The Gameboy was the most glorious invention since TV because of the pure, unadulterated happiness (if you played a good game...) and hand-eye coordination it provided to kids of all kinds around the world. For many children, the amount of love their parents gave them was measured not in happy moments but in gameboy games purchased. And, in the case of hardcore kiddies, bleeding thumbs.

Any of the devices of the gameboy line, those being:
Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Safari (very rare, considered an urban myth. but that's why it's here, right?)
Gameboy color (my real parent)
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP (SP stood for Special)

the gameboy and gameboy pocket used primitive cartridges and did not support much in the way of color.
The Gameboy Color obviously was the first gameboy to provide any real color, and was capable of playing the original cartridges and had it's own line of colored cartridges. the older gameboys could not play these, which happened with every iteration.

The Gameboy Advance was often considered the most ergonomic gameboy and had a wider screen and two new buttons. It played smaller, better cartridges and could play color cartridges but not the original ones.

The gameboy SP was essentially a gameboy advance but had a lit LCD screen and a "laptop" style body. very popular model.
MOM: Okay, okay! look, what will make you happy? a new basketball/hairclip? (because gameboys are ambidextrous. no... no, ambiguous... that's the one...)

and this happened all the time...
by valentine99 February 24, 2009
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What parents call your video game. It doesnt matter if its a play station, Xbox, or Wii. They still call it a gameboy.
-Son, stop playing that gameboy and do your dishes!

-It's an Xbox 360!

-Gameboy, Xbox; they're all the same!
by llsgirl17 August 27, 2008
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World's most used brain draining device besides the television
Game boy has pokemon!!! POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!111 OMG TEH POK3M0N!!!11
by jim mavenkhson July 21, 2005
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1. A modern video gaming invention; often used by:
-people who are bored
-little pokemon trainers
-40 year old guys with out jobs who think there's a "strategy" involved with it...
Addictive... like drugs
"can i join the chess club?"
"no, go play your gameboy"
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
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A device that lets out pheromones that attract Asian people.

Can also be used for playing games
Question: "Wanna sex me? I have GameBoy!"
Answer: "Werr, herro! You have SuperMarioBros?"
by SoulNiggaMan September 12, 2007
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