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kickass website based in irving texas with awesome videos of kids doing stupid shit
"Dude lets go to lobstersoap.com to watch Charles do something stupid"
by Tai March 17, 2005
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"Scuffing" or "Scuff" or "Scuffed"
1. The act of beating down on a nigga and/or white person and/or person of other color because of some wrong doing

2. Hitting and/or Fighting
1. Yo, when Tyrone spilled water on Mike's timbs, he got scuffed up.

2. The whole group got scuffed up when the Po-Po's came around the block.
by Tai June 30, 2003
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pregame brain is oral sex a guy recieves from a slut or friend with benifits before he gets his crazy night on and poppin.
Whoa girl, you gonna hook me up with some pregame brain?
by Tai November 12, 2004
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A unique practice where unimformed, misinformed, or ill-informed, foreigners that know nothing of the history of Pamplona and/or the practice of the running of the bulls, dimisses it to be simply a pastime where drunken farm boys, drunk off of whiskey and barly beer, make their way running through town as they are being chased down by a pack of angry, yet amused bulls.

These boys often scream in terror, shouting phrases like "wordOwch! my stomach lining!"/word or "wordMy blood hurts!/word" Or something of the sort while, routinely, but traditionally, being gorged, or even gutted by the horns of a bull.
The running of the bulls festivals is held in Pamplona, Spain, every year, for nine days in July.
by Tai July 9, 2003
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Occasionally used as a prefix for words to literally decribe the opposite of the word.

Slang term placed in front of a word to emphasize a negative aspect.
1. Ashanti is horrible...her and her non-singin' ass..

James: OOOOO! My lunch break is in an hour! Ima go play on my Gameboy SP until then! *runs downstairs*
Boss: *runs to the top of the stairs* Get your non-workin ass back up here NOW!
by Tai July 10, 2003
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Any of the set of animals that belong to the insect family.
They put flames on my beetle when they pimped my arthropod.
by Tai July 2, 2004
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