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Refers to any sexual activity beyond 2nd base.
guy: hey boss, what's new?
guy2: nothing much, i had some great itchy nana the other day.
by JORDrumm August 11, 2009
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A haircut well suited for a survival related situation. It is easily recognized by observing a shaven head. (Does not refer to shaven all the way to the scalp.)
guy2:hey man, nice haircut.
guy:thanks, it's a survival cut.
by JORDrumm August 13, 2009
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A person of a low social status. This refers to geeks, nerds, weirdos or just plain ass wholes.
Guy:Aww, I don't want to sit with them, they're the nons.
Guy:Lend us a buck?
Guy:Don't be a non.
by JORDrumm August 12, 2009
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To slightly upgrade or enhance an object or deed.
"How good is this lemonade, I bet its been kicked."
"Let's give the cake a kick."
by JORDrumm August 16, 2009
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