(noun) the lower part of an overweight person's back, resembling an ass, with its own crack and everything. An extra ass, above the belt, on the back.
That dude needs to put his shirt back on, 'cause I can't stop staring at his ass back.
by lance_w_c September 09, 2008
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used when geting out of a seat, with intention of returning to the same seat at a later time, informing those sitting near you to save that seat, and keep thier butts out of it. calling this designates your seat as "taken"
*when leaving seat* "ass back"
*when returning and seat is taken "dude, get up i called ass back"
*when someone tries to take seat, a friend may say* "you can't sit there, rachel called ass back.
by oh9seniors May 13, 2009
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You: "Coach put me in!!!!"

Coach: "Get your ass back!!!"
by coach102 June 27, 2009
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When someone's ass is so big, their ass comprises a majority of their back.
Juanita how you sit down with that ass-back ?
by Taltsuska February 18, 2016
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something said when in a large group of friends, when you get out of your seat to take a wiz or something, you say that and make sure everyone hears it. It is the law - laws were made to be upheld. If one of your friends do, in-turn, steal your seat, you have allright to kick that mother fucker in the shins.
"Im gonna take a wiz; (pointing at chair:) ASS BACKS!"
by HP Fizzle Fats March 12, 2004
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When you're fucking your girl from behind and you hit it so hard her ass jiggles
Bro i had to make her throw that ass back during sex last night.
by Jello_90 February 27, 2017
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bring that ass back here so i can see it again
i need her to run that ass back so i can get a better look
by Pizza In Backpack April 29, 2020
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