a form of input delay, to increase ping and cause lag.
John's game was like hypixel, he couldn't play properly.
by fakesham June 12, 2020
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Hypixel is the largest minecraft server, telling you they ban 30000 players a week, but in reality the server is still full of cheaters.
Me: Hey man, i just bought a hacked client,
Friend: Cool, lets go to hypixel!
by tssvdb December 27, 2019
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A decease, hypixel is equal to terminal brain cancer.
The community is a bunch of 5 year olds unsure if they are playing minecraft or playing in a fucking primary school sandbox.
The staff is even worse, they seem to confuse hackers with legit players. Leaving the hackers on the server and banning the rest.
You are a hypixel to our society!
by SomeGuylololol October 18, 2015
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a server that has cancerous 5 year olds playing it. a server that bans only the legit players not hackers. cant even fucking play ranked skywars.
this server is fucking hypixel im leaving BYE
by bbrizel May 28, 2019
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One that can be great in all ways.
Your Dad was Hypixel in many ways.
by Ascensionz July 8, 2015
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hi, hypixel!
by Infehh September 15, 2017
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- A Minecraft player.
- A Minecraft server, which has thousands of players online constantly playing several different minigames.
“Hey dude, wanna play Hypixel? We can play something like Skywars or Mini Walls.”
by xSlxshii July 14, 2018
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