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Where the penis of the male is so small that it resembles a nipple, instead of an actual penis.
Ted : Damn, Yo. I just saw Bobby's dick .. That's a nippledick for sure.
by Lee_UK.Innit. August 06, 2006
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a girls whos nips are sooo large they stick out like an erect man.
janes nipple dick was enormous this morning!
by Defilipes February 26, 2007
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A slightly popular Japanese fetish. This involves the paraphilia of penises where the nipples on a woman's body (or possibly a man's) would occur. This is only illustrated in hentai, and probably the imaginations of kids that don't really understand sex too well.

(It is also present, but fiercely underrepresented, in America, but only in illustrated or furry porn.)

This is commonly juxtaposed with futanari, hyperphallic, and sexual defecation, but very rarely used with lolicon.

An inexplicably common subfetish is shitting nipple dicks, in which shit comes out of the nippledicks.
So, you think you know all about Japan--do you know what nippledicks are?
by *(Anonymous)* September 11, 2006
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A small penis; a penis that is as small lengthwise, as a nipple.
Poor guy, his dick is as small as a nipple. How could he ever please a woman, with that small thing. What a nipple dick.
by dEvLdOc June 20, 2008
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a person with a smaller than average penis, similar in shape and size to a nipple. this is usialy used in conjunction with other quips or sharp remarkes.
shut youre pie hole nipple dick, i dont want to hear it.
by alex ~ September 21, 2006
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1. A complete 'tard, and I'm not talking an actual mentally handicapped person...I'm talking a friggin dipshit social reject.
2. What you call someone when they are being a complete ass-clown, but aren't necessarily that way all the time (you may actually kinda like this person under normal circumstances).
1. Jesus, my boss is such a fucking nippledick. I wish he would use his tie as a noose, stand on his swiveling office chair with massage features and swing from the lighting fixture above his walnut desk he bought in England.

2. Dude, quit being such a nippledick. You're harshing my buzz.
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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