To bring someone down from a good feeling.
Dude, you're harsing my mellow.
by jsaun April 30, 2005
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The most good looking handsome human on earth the most sweetest sexiest man on this planet. If u r his girl he'll take care of u like a little princess of his he's adorable he's hot he's everything a girl craves for his voice is the best voice u have ever heard worst are not enough to define harsh 💗
Ooohhhh i wish had a harsh
by Saksh January 10, 2018
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The best boyfriend you could ask for, finest , cutest most loveable yet annoying person alive
Harsh is my boyf riend guys, help a girl out, trynna be cute here
by Skyenna November 13, 2018
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A hot guy🔥🔥
Very cute
Sweet, Polite, Honest

Attracts Girls

Best Cricketer🏏
Are you Harsh?
by Harsh Singh March 28, 2018
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Shoes Name harsh is very bright full future . They always fall in love on attitude girl and very care full for his love and always love with one girl they never try for unusual talks . They are not intrested in other girls. They are cutest and caring and powerful person. They do anything for his love.
Harsh names meaning in hindu tradition is HAPPINESS .
by HEANRY June 08, 2019
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comes from various Hindu languages, meaning happiness
The meaning of my name, Harsh is happiness.
by Harsh Patel March 07, 2005
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The act of someone having something harsh or unpleasent happaneing to them.
I can't believe he robbed your girlfriend off you, you got well harshed.
by Tessehhh September 03, 2006
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