social reject = no friends
-- cant socialy interact
Discord kid 1: ur a social reject
You: oh....
by ajkakd May 27, 2021
whether Society rejects you or you reject society
yk that thing everyone’s all ways mad at.. Society, social rejects actually do something about it.

social rejects don’t confine to what Society WANTS them to be.
by Cora powers October 26, 2020
A social reject is someone rejected by most of society, these include: liberal blue haired girls, "The Boys", People that push political agenda, Barking liberals, Racist rednecks, People who make being gay or straight their personality ,And people who praise either biden or trump as a god. There are many ways you can be a social reject but these are the most common social rejects.
That blue haired girl is barking at protestors? must be a social reject.
by captaincoochie1 March 24, 2021
A word used by Trump supporting white boys or pick me girls.
person 1 : *dresses goth/emo/anything that's not normal* person 2 : "HAHAHHEHHEHE URI SUCJ A SOCIAL REJECT LMAO PARENTS NOT LOVE U"
by dio.exe January 12, 2021
Stop calling alt people social rejects,, it's not a fucking insult THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF BEING ALT :D
Incel 1: sOcIaL rEjEcT
Incel 2: yeah ig
(I have no clue wtf is that it just told me that it can't be blank))
by Tittyqween November 26, 2020
a person who makes fun of how a person(s) death; and how they died - especially if it wasn't their fault and the person was innocent.
tik tok user: "yo you seen the guy who was just walking inside of a mall and some guy slashed his throat wow there was so much blood lolol"
person 2: "you should really do that to yourself, i bet that everybody would clap and laugh once they see your body you fucking social reject"
by nininono11 October 6, 2021
“the boys🥶💯™️”, pick me girls, trump supporters and conservatives in general, people who don’t listen to lana del rey, nicki minaj, ariana grande, doja cat, melanie martinez, megan the stallion, sza, or any female rappers, almost every single millennial, people who don’t stan sarah paulson, people who deny the fact that vinnie hacker is the most attractive man to walk the earth, etc.
girl: “that guy didn’t stream positions deluxe by ariana grande? he’s such a social reject. DIE!”
by STANNICKIMINAJ February 19, 2021