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An abbreviation or slang term for syphilis.
"Yo, dude! Did you hear that Jo-Jo caught syfy from that crack ho?"
by ZeroCorpse March 16, 2009

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1. A statement that is so deceptive or wildly inaccurate that it's amazing that the speaker even thought anyone would believe it in the first place.

2. A large, painful bowel movement that is likely to clog a toilet and cause shitty water to get all over the floor.
3. A large, painful bowel movement that has clogged a toilet and caused shitty water to get all over the floor.
1. "Then he gave me some hannity about gays causing hurricanes."
2. "Those tacos were great, but now I feel like I need to drop a hannity."
3. "Call the janitor. Some jerk left a hannity in the men's room."
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by ZeroCorpse December 09, 2017

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A unit of measurement to gauge the amount of religious or superstitious craziness in an individual. Ranges from zero (not at all superstitious or religiously crazy) to 10 (totally nuts because of superstitious or religious beliefs).
1. Dude, did you see Pat Roberson talking about how God killed people in New Orleans because of their sinning? That scores about eight travoltas!

2. Tom Cruise, man... You're at like 7 travoltas right now. Dial it back, bro... Dial it back.
by ZeroCorpse May 20, 2010

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1. A man with a tiny penis, as in "resembling a nipple".

2. A moron. An idiot. Someone who doesn't think before he speaks.

3. A sex act involving stimulation of a nipple and a penis by rubbing them against each other. (Uncommon usage.)
1. "I saw Bill in the locker room last night... He's a total nippledick!"

2. "Listen up, nippledick! Drop and give me twenty!"

3. "So he did something he called a 'nippledick', and boy did it feel good!"
by ZeroCorpse June 30, 2009

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