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1. A complete 'tard, and I'm not talking an actual mentally handicapped person...I'm talking a friggin dipshit social reject.
2. What you call someone when they are being a complete ass-clown, but aren't necessarily that way all the time (you may actually kinda like this person under normal circumstances).
1. Jesus, my boss is such a fucking nippledick. I wish he would use his tie as a noose, stand on his swiveling office chair with massage features and swing from the lighting fixture above his walnut desk he bought in England.

2. Dude, quit being such a nippledick. You're harshing my buzz.
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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Titties that are not high and firm, but instead, fleshy and pillowy soft. Usually only found on bigger girls or women who have had kids. Good for burying your face in and getting lost; so-so good for tittie fucking.

Note: 'Mellow melons is a combo of the words "marshmellow" and "melons". It does not mean her tits are mellow as in 'chilled out'.
Donna has some nice 'mellow melons. It's like squeezing clouds.

by NINerd October 04, 2008
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Refers to a widely circulated (among fans, at least) photo of Trent Reznor (more commonly known by his performance moniker, Nine Inch Nails) outside of a train station in Ausfhart, Germany in 2008 while on tour there.
In the picture, Trent is seen stading in front of the 'Ausfhart' sign, pointing up at it with a very uncharictaristically comical look on his face, obviously amused by the sound of the word, pronounced "Owws-fart". Thus, the pic is now simply refered to as 'pointing Trent'.

just go to nin.com, lolnin.com, or go ask pretty much anybody on any of the forums at echoingthesound.org and they will 'point' you in the right direction to find this photo.
Apparently, pointing Trent has the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy...Who knew?


by NINerd October 04, 2008
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1. Utterly, amazingly, stupendously bitchy in an impressive way.
2. A way to describe a particularly heinous bitchfest, usually used in a sarcastic way...Like bitchin', except NOT cool.

Note: Bitchtacular is a combo of the words "Bitch" and "Spectacular", in case you couldn't figure that out.
1. Wow, you are being totally bitchtacular right now, Heather. Are you PMS'ing or what?
2. Tom: Yeah, my mom just totally went off on my ass.
Greg: So, how did it go?
Tom: It was bitchtacular. How the fuck do you think it went, you dipshit?
Greg: Damn, dude! Now YOU'RE being bitchtacular!
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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1. To get the fuck up and move the hell on.

2. To tell someone else to get the fuck up and move the hell on.
1. Man, this party sucks. Let's rise.

2. I don't like you. Rise, bitch.
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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Pretty much the same thing as a regular rise. A cue to a group that it's time to get the fuck up and move the hell on to a new location.
This club is so whack...It's time to rise like biscuits.
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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1. A slang term conveying disbelief in what someone else says or does.

2. A slang term telling someone to shut the fuck up and drop whatever they're saying or doing because it is pissing you off.

The meaning is largely denoted by listening to the persons vocal inflections who is saying it.
1. Tom: Man, you shoulda seen this chick..she looked just like Rhianna, she was so hot. And she was all over me!
Greg: Man, get the fuck on! Ain't no bitch lookin like Rhianna gonna wan't shit to do with your ass!

2. Tom: Is that your girlfriend, Amy? Man she's hot as hell. I'd tap that ass in a second.
Greg: Man, you need to get the fuck on with that shit. Lemme see you fuckin' wit my girl and imma break my foot off in your ass!
by NINerd October 04, 2008
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