Nerd I'd Like to Fuck. Nilfs are often extremely attractive human beings, often being known for having e.s.p., and also for just being better than everyone else.
Yo playa, Julia and Cody sure are nilfs... shiiiittt just look at them!!!
by Nilf January 8, 2007
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That guy dizer uses a computer 24 hours a day but he is so hot. he's such a nilf.
by not_mickeyd_i_swear January 10, 2005
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Ninja I'd like to fuck. Mysterious, nameless phenomenon in ancient Japan where sexually repressed women would fantasize about having wild animal sex with Ninjas. The recent proliferation of ilfisms has led to its rediscovery and nilfs were finally given a proper name.
Oh, me so hoeny me fuck many, many nilf.
by Amoebabadass August 19, 2007
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I saw this really hot NILF at the hospital

nursing students at Fanshawe College
by FatCobra September 19, 2005
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yo check out the gal from 456, shes such a nilf
by gordon devoch November 16, 2003
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Nigga I'd Like (to) Fuck
Damn, nilf.
by niggerrr n crakerr jack August 11, 2009
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Wow, there goes one hot nilf! I envy her priest.
by king of canada June 19, 2006
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