automatic win in ths dice game, ceelo
damn! i just lost 10 dollars because that bitch won with a 456
by bigmomma March 19, 2007
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Pronounced "four, five, six", rather than "four-hundred fifty-six".

An alien race from the Whovian universe that came to earth in 1965, asking for 12 children in return for the vaccine to an Earth-born disease that was about to mutate, killing thousands. They were named the 456 after the radio waves they first used to communicate with the United Kingdom's government.

The 456 are large, with three heads, large mandibles, and trunk-like in body. Each has a large bulge at the end of it's body, revealed to be a holding area for children. They live in a very toxic environment.

The 456 returned to Earth in 2009, demanding 10% of the world's children, in return for the safety of the entire world. They announced this return through children, as if using them like radios: "We. We are. We are coming."

The 456 later revealed they wanted the children for personal pleasure, stating the children "felt no pain", and that the prepubescent hormones were like a euphoric drug, connected to their bodies through veins.

The 456 were defeated by Torchwood soon after arriving, but not without losses (Ianto Jones and Steven RIP). They were driven away from Earth, the radio waves they had used to communicate being turn against them.

"Children of Earth" is the mass episode title for the five days the 456 were present in 2009.
Voice: "You call us 456"
John Frobisher: "That is correct."
Voice: "Then that is our name."
by Wren Felidae November 08, 2009
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How to agree with the expression 123. 456 suggests strong consensus, if not unanimity.
"The latest In Flames album sucks dick through a straw."
"123" ("I agree.")
"456" ("Me too.")
by 1338 h4x0r April 01, 2008
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From the phonetic sound produced when saying "for f*cks sake", or ffs
by gay camping n00b November 04, 2003
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Just a fucking number that's close to 420
Person 1: what's the date?
Person 2: it's the 456 lol
by OnceAManNowANarwal September 15, 2019
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Another sing of boredom when you tap all they keys in your keyboard except the function keys, enter, tab number-lock, and arrow keys.
me: alright there must be more sings of boredom than the ones i typed in. they only seem to include letters so i will type in "`1234567890-qwertyuiop\ASDFGHJKL;'ZXCVBNM,./ /*-789+456+1230."
by oscarnout September 18, 2016
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The absolute highest rank of boredom ever. It is typing every possible text from the top left of your whole keyboard and moving right, clicking everything you can. Hitting caps lock mid-way will induce the rest of the letters to be caps.
Paul: are you bored?
Me: `1234567890-/*-qwertyuiop\789+ASDFGHYJKL;'456+ZXCVBNM,./1230.
Paul: You just had to say yes for goodness sake...
by YaBoiBrotato August 15, 2017
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