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All right, I'm just gonna show what big hypocrites everyone else on this definition are.
Thank you for your useless information. Now, what do you think of Kurt Cobain? Yes, whether you like it or not, Kurt was technically a celebrity. He certainly was rich enough to fit into the "1% controlling 90% of the money" category. Or Mick Jagger? He still is a celebrity. Yes, for every mick there is a paris. Yes, the celbrity-stalking tabloids are incredibly stupid. That's why their average reader has an IQ of 21, but still, think before you post, children.
Lets see, I don't have anything to do, so I'll post a definition of "celebrity" that is identical to 20 other peoples', and then I will b e happy. Yay!
by king of canada September 27, 2006
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The bassist for guns n' roses for all of their albums except chinese democracy. He is now with Slash in Velvet Revolver. He was a good bassist, and is also a realy nice guy. He now has had to give up the rock star lifestyle since he's married with 2 kids, but he still rocks when he's playing music. never actualy was kicked out of guns n roses- he and Slash, the only original members left, kicked Axl Rose and all the replacement members out in '98. Axl then sued them for the rights to the name, won, and Duff and Slash formed Velvet Revolver. Like the other gunners, duff had trouble with drugs and booze. he now has quit drinking, after his pancreas burst and he learned that any more alchohol would kill him. He's not much of a partier any more, but he's still a realy cool guy.
by king of canada September 6, 2006
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A wonderful ideal that is sadly no longer with us. Born 1776, died 2001 with the Patriot Act. RIP
Let us now observe a moment of silence for our dear late friend the first amendment.
by king of canada September 13, 2006
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One of the worlds most beautiful cities that came close to destruction during the tragic Balkan War, the event we have to thank for the term ethnic cleansing. Sarajevo was home to all ethnic groups in Yugoslavia: Catholic Croatians, Protestant Serbs, and Muslim Bosnians. Then Serb nationalists started a war with the Bosnians, and also got the Croatians caught up in it. The city of Bosnia remained ethnically diverse, with many Serbs choosing to defend it alongside Bosnians, but relations have been strained by Serb war crimes (slaughtering thousands of unarmed civilians in the largest mass murder since the Holocaust) and Bosnian war crimes (burning of Churches, excecution of all Croatian and Serbian POWs). The city is being rebuilt, and has come a long way. Everyone should go there sometime.
Sarajevo is once again one of the greatest cities in Europe. It's got everything: sights, good hotels, good food, good booze, beautiful women, and friendly people. It's coming back. Hopefuly New Orleans can do the same.
by king of canada September 9, 2006
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The drummer for legendary band Pink Floyd. He is an excellent drummer, and he has the distinction of being the only consistent member of the band.
I can't believe how underrated nick mason is!
by king of canada September 24, 2006
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Wow, there goes one hot nilf! I envy her priest.
by king of canada June 19, 2006
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