To be ignorant of the world around you, in such a manner that makes your actions equivalent to that of a person who doesn't really know or care about other peoples perspectives.

Also: An object that lacks realistic value but contains much monetary or black-culture value.
"Don't fuck with me, I been to the pen twice"
As if their lack of grammar and inability to learn from previous mistakes makes them a more formidable opponent.

"Yall ain't got got no grape juice all yall got is grape drink. That's mad niggerish". That is mad niggerish.

by Robb B April 06, 2008
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Per Charlie Murphy on the Chappelle Show - To act like Rick James did during the 80's.
Charlie Murphy - "Rick James was mad niggerish!"

Rick James - "Bitches, show me dem titties"
2 Bitches show their titties to Rick James.
Rick James - "I wish I had 4 hands, so i could give you 4 thumbs down bahahaha - I'm Rick James Bitch!"
by Dego Dan January 19, 2008
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term meaning 'dumb' or to act in an outward agressive manner or a passive agressive act of anger. Also can refer to anything of low quality OR lower intelligence.
Mikey Rehmyr is kinda niggerish.
by Boxs December 27, 2007
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An adjective describing a loud,ghetto,overly aggressive black person who feels the need to show their ass in public.
Joe stop fussing! You are acting real niggerish.

Danasia I cant believe you just pulled out that brush. That is so niggerish.

Alyssa, there is no need to scream.You are so fuckin niggerish.

by Imbrownbitch!! April 05, 2009
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To act like a nigger
For Example:
1. Getting Upset When Someone Scuffs Your Air Forces, Jordans, Timbalands
2. Fighting Someone Over A Boy/Girl
3. Eating Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Kool-Aid every other meal
1. Tyler is so niggerish. He got real tight when Toni stepped on his Jordans in Eng. lab.
2. Shivohan and Kimberly are so niggerish. Kimberly pulled out Shivohan's weave over dat nigga Travis.
3. Daniel went to South Carolina and all he ate the whole time was fried chicken, kool-aid and watermelon. He's so niggerish
by MeOnDaDL December 26, 2006
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adj., (1) embodying the characteristics of a nigger, (2) displaying an abject lack of mastery of the English language in its written form, (3) rallying like-minded persons to think negatively and behave aggressively toward other persons based on race or ethnicity, (4) bringing aid and comfort to persons that behave aggressively toward other persons based on race or ethnicity, (5) to be coarse, uncouth, rude, ill-bred, ill-mannered, uncivilized, unrefined, rough, thuggish.
(1) Getting others to assist in cheating is a very niggerish flaw in character.
(2) I think its very unbecoming and quite niggerish to tweet using slang words, and the word "like" in every other sentence.
(3) He encouraged people to beat up participants at the gathering; and it was extremely niggerish behavior from the speaker even after the crowd became aggressive to those persons.
(4) How in the heck does the leader not condemn the murderer and his fraternity, which is why this niggerish behavior is looked down upon?
(5) He did the most niggerish thing by trying to intimidate the investigator in attempting to force him to cancel the investigation.
by CadetBoneSpurs May 08, 2018
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