of or being like a nigger.
You are so niggerish because you steal everything.
by Enchlot May 12, 2006
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Per Charlie Murphy on the Chappelle Show - To act like Rick James did during the 80's.
Charlie Murphy - "Rick James was mad niggerish!"

Rick James - "Bitches, show me dem titties"
2 Bitches show their titties to Rick James.
Rick James - "I wish I had 4 hands, so i could give you 4 thumbs down bahahaha - I'm Rick James Bitch!"
by Dego Dan January 19, 2008
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To be ignorant of the world around you, in such a manner that makes your actions equivalent to that of a person who doesn't really know or care about other peoples perspectives.

Also: An object that lacks realistic value but contains much monetary or black-culture value.
"Don't fuck with me, I been to the pen twice"
As if their lack of grammar and inability to learn from previous mistakes makes them a more formidable opponent.

"Yall ain't got got no grape juice all yall got is grape drink. That's mad niggerish". That is mad niggerish.

by Robb B April 06, 2008
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1. adj, when a black person becomes self consciously angry or aggressive.

2. adj, an adjective used to describe a crazy party.
1. "I'm gonna have to get niggerish on his ass."

2. "It was mad niggerish and that was right up my alley."
by k June 16, 2006
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An adjective describing a loud,ghetto,overly aggressive black person who feels the need to show their ass in public.
Joe stop fussing! You are acting real niggerish.

Danasia I cant believe you just pulled out that brush. That is so niggerish.

Alyssa, there is no need to scream.You are so fuckin niggerish.

by Imbrownbitch!! April 05, 2009
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when people spend alot of money on clothes, shoes, high tech items and other stupid stuff.
the dude was being mad niggerish he spent 600 dollars on a pair of shoes to impress his boss.
by mandalahhhh August 30, 2006
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A dialect of english spoken by "niggas". See ebonics.
Person1: Dis be some hawtness.
Person2: I am sorry but I do not understand niggerish.
by Artificial November 27, 2006
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