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A beautiful, kind yet stubborn girl who has a contagious high- pitched laugh. She can be over dramatic and crazy at times but that's what makes her beautiful. Boys fall head over heels in love with her after meeting her for the first time. Her personality lights up a room and you won't be able to control your smile when she looks at you. She is one of the most loyal friends you'll ever have and will stay by you all the time.
Boy 1: Sees Alyssa, faints from being overwhelmed by her beauty.

Alyssa: Runs over. Are you okay? Gives boy one CPR.
Boy 1: Awakes. Faints again.
by Charmstarsandsmoke October 10, 2013
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Alyssa is a gorgeous girl who doesn't realize how amazing and beautiful she is.
She is the type of person you would want to have as a best friend. She is outgoing, fun, beautiful, and she knows how to cheer someone up. She is the type of person who puts others before her even when they don't deserve it. Alyssa is one of those amazing people that you would meet and would never want to lose. If you come across a best friend named Alyssa, well then your in luck! She has two sides to her. She can be the most graceful and loyal girl you could ever meet, then in a split second she can go all gangster on you and rap battle you to ever lil Wayne or Tupac song. She is someone you cannot lose
Alyssa is the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen
by Cmoneyyswizzle August 02, 2016
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Alyssa is the type of girl that is always able to find a way to smile she can turn the world into a much better better place with just a turn of the cheek. Alyssa's usually like to dance but sometimes doesn't like to show people her dances. Alyssa is willing to do tons of work just for a small reward she will help you if only you ask. She would be happy to talk to you but she just wants you to speak up first and then she can chat all day long.
Danielle: I miss Alyssa

Melissa: I know she was the best helper and friend
Danielle: if only I could see her again
by Abengals February 12, 2013
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The most kind and fucking amazing girl in the universe. She'll stay up all night just to text you, and she knows you better than you do. If you ever meet an Alyssa, don't fuck around. She is a godess.
Guy 1: man I hate alyssa

*guy 2 punches him in the face breaking his nose*
Guy 2: don't fucking talk about her like that
by *le Puppy June 02, 2013
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The name of perfection (Sorry Jesus), the name of the most amazing girl in the universe. She's smart, she's strong and she's hell'a gorgeous. She'll give you butterflies every time you see her. She can make anyone feel great about themselves. She will tough it through anything. She redefines everything you thought you loved in a person.

When you're with Alyssa; You can't help but smile, she'll make you do it in style. You can't help but cry when there's a tear in her eye. You'd run a thousand miles to walk her down the aisle. You'd think you can fly, her good looks could make you die. Alyssa is awesome.
Guy 1) "Who's that rocket over there?"

Guy 2) "I don't know, it must be a Alyssa"
by TheLedgend27 February 02, 2017
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An adorable and beyond gorgeous girl with a giant heart. She is very self conscious but tries not to show it. She has beautiful big eyes. She falls for guys too easily but when she finds the one, she'll make sure to let him know hes her world. Alyssa is also a tiny girl who won't hesitate to stick up for her friends. But overall, Alyssa will affect your life. No matter who you are.
Omg, I didn't realize how different my life could change when i met Alyssa! i love her
by whodatwhodatiggy February 04, 2015
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Alyssa is a very quiet and shy girl to those she doesn't quite know but is actually really random, funny, and outgoing. She is very beautiful and has amazing legs however she is very self-conscious and dosent accept herslef and others compliments. She is very smart and has several fandoms. She is an avid fan of many sports despite belief and is only athletic in a few. She hides her true feelings and is there to comfort others often. She is very sweet and is often heard complimenting and empowering others with her words. She is never one to seek out relationships and always second guesses any decision she makes. She is also very social but prefers to stay home with a good book or the Internet. She is one who will try her hardest at everything and won't stop til it's perfect. She is truly amazing and one to never let go.
Guy1: How was your date yesterday with Alyssa?

Guy2: It was the best! We watched her favorite tv show and made out for a while after!

Guy1: Awesome! She's a good one bro.

Guy2: I know. I'll never let her slip away.
by HPR2D2 July 30, 2013
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