Someone who enjoys the little things. Values the small motives or the small things about a person. They know their place in a situation. Romance is difficult for them but find it easy to help someone else or give advice to someone. Alyssa's take pride in what they do and love and don't let anyone stand in the way, they may not handle stress that well, but they do their best. Alyssa's are beautiful. They never believe that they are, but their eyes are perfect and no matter what they wear or do with their hair they look pretty. Most people find Alyssa's hard to love, but those who do are not disappointed.
Alyssa is beautiful.

Alyssa is strong.
by catniggalove October 21, 2014
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The most kind and fucking amazing girl in the universe. She'll stay up all night just to text you, and she knows you better than you do. If you ever meet an Alyssa, don't fuck around. She is a godess.
Guy 1: man I hate alyssa

*guy 2 punches him in the face breaking his nose*
Guy 2: don't fucking talk about her like that
by *le Puppy June 3, 2013
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Alyssa is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She’s the sweetest person you ever meet and will respect you the same way you respect her. Every time you look at her in the eyes you will get lost and it’s like looking in to space. She will always make you happy in every way and will always help you from having a bad day to a really great day. She will always be there for you no matter day and night, she will support you throughout everything and encourage you.
Have you seen Alyssa, I literally got lost in her eyes.
by Master^.^Yoda September 7, 2019
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Alyssa is the type of girl that is always able to find a way to smile she can turn the world into a much better better place with just a turn of the cheek. Alyssa's usually like to dance but sometimes doesn't like to show people her dances. Alyssa is willing to do tons of work just for a small reward she will help you if only you ask. She would be happy to talk to you but she just wants you to speak up first and then she can chat all day long.
Danielle: I miss Alyssa

Melissa: I know she was the best helper and friend
Danielle: if only I could see her again
by Abengals February 12, 2013
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The name of perfection (Sorry Jesus), the name of the most amazing girl in the universe. She's smart, she's strong and she's hell'a gorgeous. She'll give you butterflies every time you see her. She can make anyone feel great about themselves. She will tough it through anything. She redefines everything you thought you loved in a person.

When you're with Alyssa; You can't help but smile, she'll make you do it in style. You can't help but cry when there's a tear in her eye. You'd run a thousand miles to walk her down the aisle. You'd think you can fly, her good looks could make you die. Alyssa is awesome.
Guy 1) "Who's that rocket over there?"

Guy 2) "I don't know, it must be a Alyssa"
by TheLedgend27 February 3, 2017
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Most likely known for being a man or boys first love. Alyssa is highly adventurous due to her extreme amount of energy. She likes guys who are athletic and can make her laugh no matter what. Alyssa knows when she finds the one because time stops and nothing else matters in the world... But she wont let you know that!
Alyssa is the one
by Peterjelly January 18, 2016
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The perfect girl who is more beautiful than any other girl in the entire universe. She is funny, smart, and more amazing than anybody could ever be. She will make you smile every time you hear her voice. She is a princess more beautiful than any that you have ever seen. Without Alyssa, life would be meaningless. She is the sexiest woman to walk the earth, and she will make a man happy just by being a part of her life.
I am in love with the most amazing girl names Alyssa. She is the most beautiful girl in the universe.
by ThornyNips March 21, 2013
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