In baseball, when a batter takes a called strike three, i.e., strikes out looking. Popularized by Hall of Fame Pitcher and NESN color analyst , Dennis Eckersley.
"Strike three with the high cheese... pair of shoes right there!"
by Footlong Frank April 24, 2021
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Someone who is irrelevant or horrific at a certain game or activity
Doso: How is Rick in pool?
Jim: Man, he ain't nothing but a pair of shoes. Don't sweat it.
by kcardoso92 May 3, 2013
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Listen, if you looked this up, you aware either a, a grandma who is snooping around and trying to see what their grandkids are looking at, or b, really fucking bored.
Get yo dumbass outta here. Looking up “pair of shoes” hobo head-ass
by that_name_isnt_taken November 30, 2018
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To describe something that suits you exactly, or is your taste. (akin to the British expression Just My Cup Of Tea)

Origin - Vienna, Austria.
I like Abba, they are just my pair of shoes.
by TheDufster March 15, 2005
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n. An idiot, buffoon and all round fucktard.
"Yeah, I heard about him, he's a fucking pair of clown shoes"
by Weng Chow October 15, 2007
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