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A description of a black person who acts very cool and self-confident; originated from Dave Chappelle's imitation of Rick James.
Rick was hittin' on the girls and bein' mad niggerish, which was right up my alley.
by Webster April 18, 2004
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Acting in a way indicative of the stereotypical black male. For example, licking women's faces, smoking marijuana, drinking to excess, and spending every waking moment in Da Club.
Man, that Lil John is too damn mad niggerish!
by inane February 28, 2005
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Rick James Bitch!

Like rock star meets porn star meets pimp and what that dude would act like at a party! Cool, crazy and way over the fuckin' top 'cause cocaine is a helluva drug!
We started kickin it and he was mad niggerish man, which was right up my alley!
by Dtapped November 23, 2010
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to act ghetto or white trash; to show no class
Man i can't beleive those two guys just ducked out on their check! That was mad niggerish.
by big papi54 January 16, 2009
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When a person acts like a primate
"The Wickerchimps are mad niggerish"
" Everyone in the projects loves Lamont he is mad niggerish"
by yaheardsound1 January 04, 2010
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