Nicknamed "Darkness", Eddie Murhpy's older brother by 3 years. Recently Charlie has gained popularity on Dave Chappelle's Show. Mostly known for the skits in which he recounts his dealings with Rick James, and playing basketball with Prince.

Trivia: Once thought of as the 'blackest nigga on the planet'
by Quake050 March 18, 2005
darkness. On Chappelles show, Rick James always called Murphy "darkness" cuz he was so dark-skinned
Its getting real Charlie Murphy out here!
by YungRed August 9, 2009
This one is for the gentlemen.......during sex, before you climax, remove your penis from desired orphus and climax into the palm of your hand, saving the girl from taking your monstrous goo. Then, when she starts to thank you, quickly yell "Charlie Murphy!" and slap her across the face with your jizz loaded hand.
Use your imagination.... scream "Charlie Murphy"
by trizomes February 12, 2012
To punch a person in the forehead, after doing so the assultant must scream, "CHARLIE MURPHY BITCH!"
by Charles Poole October 13, 2005
To kick someone very hard, potentially injuring them internally or otherwise.
Jason was trying to act like a hard ass, so I gave that mother fucker a Charlie Murphy right to the chest.
by ekoostik_lucy June 1, 2007
When you're doing your partner doggy style and right before you go, you take the palm of your hand and push your partners head into a flat surface.
by dshow32 December 28, 2010
Girl1: Dam why are your pants all up in your ass.
Girl2: I got a cramp in the back of my thigh and it gave me A Charlie Murphy.
by Steve Stephalonavich February 18, 2013