A popular day for skyrocketing suicide rates, which are usually on holidays where people are alone and depressed. This day is a popular one.
I had planned not to go to any parties new year's eve night to make plans to go up to that tower block and jump off.
by Krista Lee November 27, 2005
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DAmnht I can'ta type one new year's eve!
by TheFevaForTheFlava January 1, 2006
when everyone gets drunk and parties all night. and when its midnight we all scream happy new year!!
wow im soo happy it was only 1 minuete ago it was 2003 and 1 minuete later its 2004
by moneyz December 27, 2003
Dec. 31st, the day before Jan. 1st. On that night you are supposed to get drunker than you have the whole year, in order to usher it out for the next year of drinking.
If you don't get fucked up on new year's eve, Ima kill you.
by Dirty January 2, 2004
The last day of the year, December 31. The day before the new year, therefore New Year's Eve.
Hooray, it's New Year's Eve.
by Isi Oamen December 29, 2004
The last night of the year in which noone really gives much of a shit about, but almost everyone uses the day as an excuse and tries to get totally wasted and/or laid.
Hey, its what i plan to do!
by Steve-O December 29, 2004
New year's eve means an overdose of glow sticks
new yaer's eve: when guys get drunk and forget how metrosexual they look...espicially when wearing glowing mouse ears.Ah the simple joy of new year's eve.
by Krillin' January 10, 2006