the last day of the year (december 31st) where teens/young adults get drunk, light fireworks, have sex and regret it in the morning.

younger kids see it as an excuse to stay up all night and see what having a horrible sleep schedule is like, only to wonder “what the heck are those noises coming from the bedroom” after a while.
for depressed tweens and teens who cant get laid, they sit around thinking about everything that happened in that year, and hope that next year will be better. tbh theres a 99.9% chance it wont be.
“its new years eve! next year will be better i hope!”
-some dude on december 31st, 2019
“new years eve. yay! -proceeds to fall down stairs”
-me, december 31st, 2019. bad omen for a shitty year to come
by monkeymoo ✨ December 31, 2022
The first of the year where people stay up all night till it's 12:00
Tonight I'm going to stay up till count down for new years eve
by MelonPanda January 5, 2021
The most beautiful the absolute perfection. Even if they think they are flawed they are only more beautiful to you. Someone put into your life someone you want to keep around
Oh my gosh she is a walnut on New Year's Eve!

No way you are insane how did you find one??
by Olivier.C November 9, 2016