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The year of 97% of ALL Urban Dictionary definitions. Look up something familiar/common, and you will see about 10 definitions from 2003.
Bob: Let's look up cell phone and see all the swagfags get mocked.
Jim: Good idea!
Bob looks up the definition.
Bob: Flip phones? Motorola X? This is not 2003!
Jim: Yeah. Go look up something else.
Note: Average definitions are not real. Just made a scenario for fun.
by auxcorddms March 02, 2015
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Best year to best year to be born. You were born in a time where there wasn't too much fancy tech so u can relate to the 90's kids but u also were a kid when technology started getting fancy. Also, u remember all the nostalgic songs.
Person1: U remember back in the day we used to jam to pitbull
Person2: Yeah man pitbull used to be the shit haha
Person1: Now faggots like lil pump are famous

Person 2: Fuck this generation I can't relate

Person 1 : Perks of being born in 2003
by xGrilsluvmehx November 22, 2018
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The year Three Days Grace, Evanescence and Linkin Park all released albums in the same year and the albums Three Days Grace and Evanescence put out were the ones that made them famous. Unfortunately though, it was also the year my stupid ass was born...
ZoMg 2003 wuz liek duh bast yeer evah... Until I came along and ruined it. :'c
by The only name not in use July 28, 2018
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Also the year of Newlyweds, Gigli, the Governator, and some other crap I can't think of right now.
2003 kinda sucked, but at least it was better than 2001 and 2002. In '01, the awful GameCube was introduced and in '02, the WWF died.
by G-Union November 11, 2003
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