A great year. Unlike the other inaccurate definition provided. It was not worse than 2002. But it was nonetheless simply a year in history now, and it was in the early-mid 2000s, the 2000s having started on January 1st 2000. NOT 2001.

It was the year in which Concorde ended. It was also the year in which internet and cell phone usage seems to have grown even more. Digital photography was widely expanded that year with cheaper digital cameras available for more people. The year also saw the creation of some new internet meme videos, such as the spread of the starwars kid video. It seems that 2003 may have paved the way for the rapid increase in internet usage during the later mid 2000s. The year of 2003 also had a blackout in the North east, which was eventually portrayed in many children's shows in the decades to come. It was not as interesting a year as 2001 (although it was less infamous) and it seems it was not as amazing as 2006, when youtube really took off and the internet became far more modern. But it was more interesting than 2002, for example.
What an interesting year 2003 was.
by Handle cannot be blank February 5, 2021
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wonder if you'll ever find this, yes this is indeed who you think it is lol
'its not.2003 anymore '
by ??????yeah_ October 5, 2021
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My first FULL year of life.
2003 is my first full year of life.
by I.M. Abdullah August 20, 2021
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Not a good year...
2002 was way better.
But no year could be better than 2002
Person1: Man 2003 was shit
Person 2: ikr 2002 was so much better
by Lyniceman October 31, 2020
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To Bombers 2003 is to aggressively hit on female posters on an online forum.
Female poster: "Get away from me! Stop Bombers 2003ing me or I'll report you!"
by lolbombywomby November 6, 2013
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A fake Windows that was created on Powerpoint and will be downloadable soon.
by Anonymous September 4, 2003
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