The one time of year everyone gets the chance to stay up late, get drunk and make dad jokes with an excuse. The next day everyone will be making bad pins and waking up at 11 am and wondering what the hell happened that night and why they woke up in bed with their ex.
"Hey what happened last night?"

"Last night? Don't you mean last year? It was also New Years Eve so what do you expect?"
by Unicornpie6666 October 22, 2019
A night created for people to go out and get plastered. By celebrating the year change on December 31st to Januarary 1st
What are your plans for New Years Eve this year?
by CountryGirl14 January 2, 2015
The 365th (366th in leap years) day of the year, also the last, New Year's Eve is generally considered a day to:
- party and countdown with others
- watch the celebrations at midnight
We had a HUGE party on New Year's Eve and we celebrated like mad.
by !????????????????????????????! December 7, 2011
a night where everyone lights bonfires and gets drunk!
So are we gonna go bum hopping to get the liquor for new year's eve?
by Zeratual December 30, 2004
An excuse to go out and party all nite long and hit as many bitches as you can
fgse ewew wewe
by Dontae January 3, 2004
the act of licking your girlfriend's butt hole skin while she is passed out drunk on new years eve, just to see what its like.
that new years eve treatment i gave her last night was the dogs balls!
by don juan jovi May 27, 2008