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The birthday of a beautiful, smart, talented, kind, and best woman in the world she deserves everything.
its december 31, ive gotta make the day amazing for the goddess of the universe
by spicy wolf October 12, 2019
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the kick your fridge day. it doesn't matter if the fridge cost a fortune... just kick it !
"yay! tomorrow is December 31st! I get to kick my fridge!"
by abcdefgjijklmnopqrstuvwxyz October 10, 2020
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This is the last day of the year, you have to do everything you wanted to do even if it’s the second time you do it! This is a go for it day so go for anything you wanna do!
Boy: it’s December 31st, I’m gonna kiss her today!
Boys best friend: I hope she kisses you back!
Boy: stop doubting me!
Boys best friend: ok if you two kiss I’ll ask my crush out!
by Imyoungandinlove December 30, 2021
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When God thinks we need more punishment

The time is 31 day- 25- hour - 61-minutes-61 seconds
December 31

The day we suffer more
by Jevajsbsnhddkkdbsn October 19, 2020
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Bitch, how stupid are you? December 31 is New Year's Eve! You stupid ass hoe smh🙄
*searches up December 31 on Urban dictionary"
Any person with a brain: ... Are you fuckin serious 🤦 ♀️
by Yuhpotterhead15 November 2, 2019
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December 31st is National suck a toe day
Grab a Friend/Family’s feel and enjoy the flavor!
Person 1: It’s December 31st! You now what that means

Person 2: Oh shit
by urmomisaddictedtoair November 17, 2019
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