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a person that is bein extremly difficult or pissing u off
stop it u buttpole
why r u being such a buttpole to me?
by Steve-O June 8, 2004
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a person who wears cloths from abercrombie & filch, american eagle, etc, has a lot of school spirt, and often plays some sports.
by Steve-O March 1, 2005
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President Wesley K. Clark's abominable predecessor.
In '04, vote for the Four-Star.
by Steve-O December 31, 2004
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A punk rock band from Southern Califronia that maintains a strong melody and intellectual lyrics while still having a fat, fast, rock and roll sound. Kinda like the bastard son of NOFX and early Green Day, with the solid writing of Joey Cape.Formed in 1990 they have 7 albums on Fat Records, including the first ever release, Duh, in 1992.
Lagwagon is one of the last great underground punk bands, before everything went to shit after the 90's.
by Steve-O May 6, 2005
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v. to steal part of an IM intended for someone else by making an IM to yourself the active window on someone else's computer moments before the message is sent.
Dude, I so sniped the end of your message.
by Steve-O June 3, 2004
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