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A food enjoyed in the ghettos of the Dirty South while growing up. It is made by spreading mayonnaise on one slice of white bread and then covering that slice with another. Often accompanied by some sugar water to wash it down.
Sugar water and mayonnaise sandwich!!
by Dirty January 03, 2004
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Dec. 31st, the day before Jan. 1st. On that night you are supposed to get drunker than you have the whole year, in order to usher it out for the next year of drinking.
If you don't get fucked up on new year's eve, Ima kill you.
by Dirty January 02, 2004
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She only roll wit him cause of his phat ride...pure paper doll!
by Dirty September 23, 2003
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A Punk is an unborn baby, aborted or not, that is placed into a jar for study. A Pickled Punk is a dead baby in a jar that is used as a carnival attraction. Babies with deformed features or other abnormalities are preferred to healthy looking babies.
Your brother should have been a pickled punk, what's wrong with that kid?
by Dirty February 08, 2005
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One who has ladies makin money for him in the streets. Also, never pays for sexual favours, instead, gets goods out of the lady trying to seduce him.
I aint that playa tryin to holla cuz I want some head, I'm that playa tryin to holla cuz I want some bread.
by Dirty July 09, 2003
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This is when you are doing a girl from behind and you crap in your hand a reach around and smash the "mud pack" all in the girls face. This is an extreme Dirty Sanchez.
I was having my way with a gal the other night and gave her the ole mud pie.
by Dirty February 12, 2004
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