37 definitions by Dirty

A drink enjoyed by Dirty South ballaz made by mixing perscription cough medicine containing codiene and soda
What's dat up in my cup? Dat purple stuff!
by Dirty January 2, 2004
a ample rear end, not fat, out of shape, or flabby
I wanna hit dat big booty!
by Dirty August 20, 2003
an educated or "big" word in place of a more common one used so one can try to appear smarter than they really are
Foo: I ventured to the marketplace and purchased many consumer goods.

Dirty: Foo all u did was go to tha damn sto and buy sum shit, that all u had to say...quit usin them $200 dollar words!!
by Dirty November 29, 2004
Can I get a shot of your liquor?
- Hook it up nigga!
- Fo' sho!
by Dirty October 26, 2003