The newly updated kiss my ass. Kiss my piss debuted on the tv show Silicon Valley. It's as odd and nerdy as it's originator.

Dweeby CEO of Pied Piper - Richard Hendricks (deftly played by Thomas Middleditch) - lands this as a major diss.
Colin: Can I be real with you? I really need this.

Richard: Can I be real-er? Kiss my piss

Colin: What?

Richard: You heard me. Kiss my piss. (said repeatedly with awkward techno-jig-like dancing)
by r.c.p.j. May 29, 2018
boils my piss,being made so angry that you can actually feel your piss boiling inside youself
''i cant belive what he just said to me, it really boils my piss''
by wayynnee August 26, 2008
an insult, such as kiss my ass, eat my ass. originally comes from a cartoon by fat-pie
i have enough of you, you asshole, now go and eat my piss
by macius March 21, 2006
Used when the flow or movement of something is overly weak, as to say it is weaker than one's urination.
This shower is weaker than my piss!

Fuck you. You punch weaker than my piss!
by SuperBadMcLovin February 2, 2021
The Motto of Bear Grylls.

New studies indicate that piss is the elixir of youth.

and to watch how it's technically done.

Go to
for more tips from the master.
Me:Why the fuck are judging this? Have you ever drank your own piss? If I say it's the elixir of youth, I mean it's the elixir of youth!!!

Bear Grylls: You tell 'em, Nick. The sun's going down, better Drink My Own Piss. Wait, I'm out of my own piss. Hey Nick

Me : Yeah?

Bear Grylls: I'm out of my own piss..... I better Drink Your Piss, mate.
by Nick Karoshi June 29, 2011