Something that is usually said in response, to when a person is being outright rude. Or when a person is trying to provoke you with gossip.
I heard you were a witch. Well whoever said that let them know they can, "kiss my ass".
by T.Chick April 06, 2014
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1) the act of putting ones orifice (specifically the mouth) up against the crack of the person you love. This is usually referred to german bondage porn.
2) An alternate explanation is usually a sarcastic put down to anyone hoping for something.
1) Q:will you kiss my ass?
A: WHY SURE HERR OBEINHOUSER i shall kiss the shit off your crack.

2) What the fuck were you hoping for? KISS MY ASS.
by gregarious January 02, 2006
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This is a kind of canvas hat that guys wear with the brim pulled down. It is so-called because the wearer knows it looks bad; yet wears it anyway as an expression of nonchalant contempt for convention. In effect, sartorially declaring "Kiss my ass!"
My boyfriend dresses really nice; but occasionally spoils the effect by wearing what guys call his kiss my ass hat.
by evil pop tart December 24, 2009
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a fun thing to say to people when they piss you off or you dont like them anyway. Adding the 'bitch' on to the end is for emphasizing the phrase, therefore giving it more strength and effect.
Trent Lott: Ah think thayt the Seperatist Parrty wuz a gooood thang!
Me: Kiss my ass bitch!
by Ryan October 25, 2004
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A particular day when you just don't care about what anybody thinks. It really should be a national holiday.
some a-hole:"Hey, Heather! Your hair looks like crap!"
Me:"Hey a-hole! Do you know what day it is? It's Kiss My Ass Day, so kiss my ass, why don't ya?"
by Heather Nicole September 23, 2007
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refers to the fabricated condition from which an employee is suffering when he or she calls in sick not because of a real illness but because he or she is resentful, frustrated or burnt out as a result of being mistreated by his or her boss.
"There's a shoe sale on at the mall tomorrow; I think I have suddenly developed a terrible case of kiss my ass flu and won't be able to come in to work."
by Shafty May 06, 2006
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