A girl that is so attractive that it makes guys sweat .
Veronica is so boiling , everyone in Orangewood High wants to go out with her !!!!
by Adriana April 10, 2004
Native American slang use to describe the process of consuming alcohol. Sometimes used to hide your intentions of drinking.
Biz: Are you guys going boiling tonight?
Verlin: Yeah, still a little hungover from last night, but yeah I think so. Biz: Might as well bro!

Around Parents:
Biz: Did you lboil last night?
Verlin: You know it bro, went boiling early, I woke up at the How-How (Housing projects) about 3am so Booker T'd (left) that joint!

by Robert Azure September 6, 2007
lol that reminds me of when you got drunk and put mayonaise on your pizza or something... i think i remember you saying you were smearing it around with a butter knife hahah and that picture of you passed out with your hand in the chip/cracker or whatever bag makes me BOIL
by zerofool June 28, 2012
Timmy: Mum, can I go boil with my mates?
Mum: Sorry Timmy, your father's already using the sauna
by Actom360 December 22, 2014
boil(s) - hideous round lumps containing pus found on slong's face above his eyebrow, and all over his body.

Also colloquially used as a reason for someone fucking up.

May also be randomly inserted into any sentence to make it an insult towards shenglong
"I tell you the greatest joke on earth"
"what. you have boils?"

"wtf! he got disconnected? he must have boils"
by Master Pain March 11, 2005
Someone who annoyingly follows you around everywhere
Fuck off your like a boil on my fucking arse
by marvellous matt May 21, 2006
a person covered in disgusting acne usually dependant on medication like accutane to contain their puss.
Oh no its the boil! Watch out, she might pop!
by urbdict October 8, 2009