2 definitions by SuperBadMcLovin

A good looking boy with the shiniest and largest of foreheads, who likes to eat carrots. Slightly gay, but highly racist, he will dreamcreep you. His catchphrase is "your mom!" Highly recognizable from a distance up to 10 km, due to light emitted from said forehead. But be careful, he will touch you with parts that may be pleasant for you. But if you would like to hook up with him, he likes girls who eat carrots.
Stop acting like a Jamie Yuki Taninaka Hryncewicz!

Gosh. Lately, my boyfriend has been such a Jamie Yuki Taninaka Hryncewicz.
by SuperBadMcLovin February 2, 2021
Used when the flow or movement of something is overly weak, as to say it is weaker than one's urination.
This shower is weaker than my piss!

Fuck you. You punch weaker than my piss!
by SuperBadMcLovin February 2, 2021