A metaphor comparing ejaculation to something that brings you enjoyment.
"Yo dude, wanna come rascal tipping?"
"Hell yeah! That's my nut, man!"
by rudc October 16, 2013
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When a some one is hounding you for any purpose, they are on ones nuts.
Why are you on my nuts so hard, man?
by Brei April 26, 2006
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When Joan Vu stalks your boyfriend at Starbucks just to show him pictures of her and her boyfriend.

Also when Joan Vu stalks me and my boyfriend at his place and tries to look through the window.

Also when Joan vu stalks your Instagram and says to your boyfriend that you were sending her messages of pictures of you and your boyfriend when that psycho was just looking at my Instagram story.
Damn, Joan is just on my nuts.
by Joan Vu October 31, 2018
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Referring to when you bust a nut aka your sperm aka your kid
by Littymillennials January 14, 2017
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When someone makes an aggressive move to take away your volition or control in an effort to make you feel powerless and weak.
Hey man, step on my nuts again and you will definitely wish you hadn’t.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 20, 2019
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After my car broke down, the tire went flat. Feels like I just fell on my nuts!
by Bakinbread January 20, 2017
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