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Jadens are funny, dirty-minded, kind, and the type of guy you want to keep around. They can make you smile and laugh with so much as a few words. They love gaming, inside jokes, and have been through some tough times. Jadens sometimes don't think before they say things which can insult you but they always come back and truly apologize.
Jaden told me a joke that offended me but after not 3 minutes, he can back and apologized.
by LifeExperienced May 12, 2017
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The best guy you'll ever meet in your entire life. he's nice, he's sweet, caring, selfless, amazing, and just a great guy in general. he's definitely an athlete, with a good attitude. never, will he upset you, and never will he piss you off. he's a really attractive guy, and every girl wants him. if you have a jaden, make sure you take care of him well, he's a keeper. Jaden has the best personality, and always accepts you for who you are. he has a great sense of humor, and style as well! girls, make sure you don't let this great offer pass by!
girl 1: hey look, jaden.

girl 2: how do you know that guy is a Jaden?
girl 1: his looks, his smile, everything about him <3
by Anon(: June 30, 2013
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Jaden is the nicest, most caring, and loving person in the world. He loves animals (especially puppies) and enjoys video games and spending time with friends. He might not be the most handsome person but when you need a hug he is there.
Person 1: My grandma just died.
Jaden: You need a hug.
by sirquacksalot March 03, 2014
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An amazing, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, cute girl with a heart of pure gold. She's selfless, but isn't afraid to show her true feelings when angered. She's always there for people, regardless of the situation. Jaden loves people unconditionally. She may not be as innocent as she seems. If you've fallen madly in love with someone, she may be a Jaden. She has an interest in video games and in music.
Person 1: I fell in love with the most amazing girl in the world.
Person 2: Oh yeah? What's her name?
Person 1: Jaden.
by SGAWN March 25, 2013
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Jaden is a beauty herself, she can make anyone in the room with her laugh . She is very flirty and romantic when it comes to guys. She is hilarious, sweet, kind, sexy, and the prettiest girl out there. She can light up an entire room if she's in the right mood . Jaden is a bitch most of the time but her friends change her mood all the time. She's usually friends with more guys then girls. She is very athletic and loves video games. She can say that she isn't a girly girl but she loves to wear makeup and go shopping. You would never want to piss of this girl or you'll b dead. Jaden doesn't show her feelings to others ,she keeps her feelings to herself, But that doesn't mean she isn't afraid to show her feelings when she's sad or mad. It takes a lot to make this girl cry . When it comes to guys she doesn't play any games, she can b a little clingy but in a cute way . Jadens heart is pure black she doesn't even have a soul , but when she is falling for someone her heart turns to pure gold. It isn't hard to notice that Jaden is falling for someone she will stare at him , think of him, fantasies about him to her friends , draws a lot of pictures that has him in it .
Person 1: Jaden has the best ass ever !
Person 2 : Hey! Dude she's mine , but she does have the best ass
by Toxicity April 15, 2017
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A hot amazing man who has a heart of gold,an amazing sports player, loves spending time with friends and is very respectful to friends
Person 1: did you see jaden

Person 2: yeah he is so cute and nice
by Jad n December 11, 2016
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Jaden is overall, the best guy EVER. He is sweet, relatable, a good listener, into video games, sincere with his feelings, and loves making people smile.
Girl 1: *dreamy sigh* who's that?
Girl 2: don't you even think about it!, Jaden is my guy.

Girl 1: awww. He's seems like such an amazing person.😍☺️
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