Rebellion against an authority

Mostly sailors ( pirates ) against superior officers.
Pirate: Do it!
person: NO!
by California de pirata January 5, 2006
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To drink a bottle of Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson until it is empty.
You'd have to be crazy to attempt mutiny against a handle of Captain alone.
by collegefacts November 16, 2011
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A group of three or more post-doctoral researchers (postdocs).
Shit, I've come upon a mutiny!
by thunderl1ps June 27, 2019
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A Mutiny is when you allow someone to engage in penetrative sex with yourself during pirate-esque sorts of role play and then have them ambushed by one or more people in which you proceed to 'take over'.
One evening, Jenny thought it would be funny to have some friends hide in her closet so she could give her boyfriend a Mutiny.
by atayomics June 10, 2011
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when better, more appropriate titles go AWOL
The series was named Mutiny even though the proper title would be AWOL.
by seriesnamer April 29, 2009
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What happens when you've just placed toothpaste on your toothbrush, you get distracted by something in another room, and it falls off into the sink.
I had just put the paste on my brush when my roommate grabbed my attention, and right before he finished speaking, I heard a splat. The toothpaste I had just put on my brush had decided it didn't want to go in my mouth, so it committed Toothpaste Mutiny.
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When a group of co-workers decide on a destination for lunch, only to find that a few select members of the group have decided to go elsewhere. These individuals inform the original organizer typically as the excursion begins, i.e. on the way out the door or while in the car.
Laurie about threw a punch when she found out that her trip to dine at the elegant Thai restaurant was the subject of a lunch mutiny to Five Guys Burgers by Tyler and Brad.
by Rusty Adams November 12, 2009
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