When you get really drunk on Captain Morgan and Diet Coke and then get your dick out and start flapping it about.
Wow Danny sure was out of control at drinks the other night. He Captain Morgan'ed us big time!
by Booyakasha! March 29, 2011
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What the fuck happened?
You tried to punch me in the face and threw up on my front porch :/
Fuckkk! They should rename captain morgan captain blackout o:
by relive2usfate July 10, 2011
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The act of farting in someone's face while your leg is propped up.
Dude I totally had to Captain Morgan him
by FKRPrints October 4, 2013
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Sexual Act. Getting a Blow Job and right before you cum you pull out and shoot your load into her eye, then when she stands up, you kick her lightly in the shin making her go "Arghh" while holding her eye closed and hopping on one leg.
I heard that Mike gave his girl a Captain Morgan the other night. She appears to be walking like she has a peg leg today."
by Mathers 1 July 25, 2008
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A sex position in which the girl sits on a bathroom sink and the guy strikes a Captain Morgan pose at the point of penetration
I walked in on my friend doing his girlfriend Captain Morgan-style the other day
by rtv0587 November 22, 2009
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1. A fictional character from an alchoholic beverage. Deprived of a black haired eye patch wearing pirate, but the actual captain has not been seen until...

2. CAPTAIN MORGAN! Ryan Costis, resident in Washington. He attends school and enjoys hanging with his wench, working on his new boat (thus leaving his old boat in dismay) and abandoning his 1st and 2nd mates
1. Captain Morgan was here!
by 1st Mate October 11, 2004
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