huge ass gas guzzling Ford suv driven by insecure soccermoms and middle aged men with small dick syndrome. Mainly used for hulling groceries and taking the little brats to and from soccer practice.
That guy drives and excursion to make up for other shortcomings
by Buzzard Bill December 2, 2006
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a wild night when a person/persons steals signs and such parafeneilia on an escapade.
molly: lets go take that baby changing sign from McDonalds!
erin: lets make an excursion out of that!
by the masked walrus December 27, 2010
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A big ass truck mostly seen in the suburbia. Driven mostly by soccer moms that have given birth to way too many stupid ass kids. Most will never carry maximum people or see mud. A damn shame, since it's a good truck which doesn't deserve it's fate.
Soccer mom #1: Look, we bought a new Excursion, the Suburban wasn't big enough, Josh would'nt fit in the Suburban with all his baby gear.
Soccer mom #2: Yeah, i guess we should get one too, looks really nice!
Real Nigga: Use ya truck for some real shit, not carrying stupid toddlers around!

by difiCa June 29, 2007
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Mutant offspring of a full-size pickup and a size-XL minivan. Developed by Ford as a super-Suburban, intended as a heavy-duty tow and support vehicle - they do make for an effective small, terrain-capable ambulance, for example - but inexplicably adopted as a commuter car and grocery-getter by wealthy rednecks, overdefensive insecure cases, militant libertarians and anti-societal homeschoolers with enormous families. Regarded with deep scorn by the majority of the citizenry for their pure bulk and indulgent hunger for natural resources; ironically, many Excursion owners mistakenly believe the disdain of others to be a kind of post-transferrence envy for their Objectivist beliefs and social standing. Little more is ever further from the truth. Ford has thankfully cancelled further production of this beast in favor of a somewhat more reasonable stretched version of the Expedition.
The five-foot-two-inch-tall real estate agent considered her Excursion to be a necessary projection of the magnitude of her sales figures; she never drove without having her cell phone clamped to her ear. We tended to give her unconditional right-of-way, just to be safe, while muttering about her and her neo-Napoleon complex the whole time.
by Patrick from Astoria February 24, 2007
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Biggest, abddest, stupidest, biggest, dumbest thing that wastes space; only good for teaching kids to drive because your kids won't die, the other guy will; turns every car into a speed bump.
AAAAHHH! Here comes an excursion!
by Jiub May 25, 2003
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In IT when management cannot get anything done because they are unable to decide between the current version of software, and the promised "next version".
Mike wasted 3 days on a version excursion, while the rest of us played Online Bingo
by Luc May 12, 2004
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