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Absent Without Official Leave: A term used in the United States Military to describe a soldier or other military member who has left his or her post without permission (usually in disagreement with a particular order). This is one of many military terms that has trickled down into everyday speech among civilian populations.
Private Johnson went AWOL after he received an order to join major combat forces in Iraq.
by Postman January 25, 2005
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
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Absent Without Official Leave: military slang for leaving or being absent without having permission. Also Aaron Bruno's nickname. He's the leadsinger of AWOLNATION. See the connection?
Where is Nappa?
He's AWOL again.
Goddammit, Nappa.
by ThatoneguyfromSweden January 11, 2014
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Absent Without Official Leave (Pronounced "A-Wall"). A military term used to describe a person who disappears without notice or permission. Non-Military people have also adopted the term to describe someone who went crazy, did something ridiculous, or went to great lengths to accomplish something.
The guy just went AWOL and killed everyone.

Private Ryan went AWOL from the base and we can't find him.
by BigBear2014 July 03, 2014
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Absence without leave. A term that USED to be used in the military to mean not being at your post or duty station at the required time. Civilians still use the term but the military uses the term UA (Unauthorized Absence) now.
Civilians still say AWOL but we use UA in the military.
by JeremyWolf March 22, 2008
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