Muny Is The Adorable Intelligent Lil Brown Kid Everybody Loves . The Heartthrob With A Style The Females Love , They're In Love With Her .
Muny Is A LaidBack Kid , So LaidBack The Females Come Like Flies Its Ridiculous , They Like The Humble In Her Its Attractive .
by Muny February 21, 2017
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noun. Used to describe an officer of the former Boston Municipal Police, now known as Boston Protective Services-AKA city hall guards
John-"I almost got caught blazin by some muni behind the school yesterday."
by TheUnit March 02, 2010
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To have a sex after drinking lean and throw up on the significant other whilst in the act of love making.
Sheila: How was having sex with James like last night?
Raven: Disgusting, he was drinking lean before in the party and when we fucked he threw up all over me.
Sheila: What! I can't believe he would pull a muni
by Yung ChinaBoii May 18, 2016
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A budding young rapper. Also Abdullah Salihis brother
“Omg it’s Abdullah Salihis brother!”
“You mean Acey Muni
by sav’h June 28, 2018
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General term for any of a number of cold or flu maladies that you get from riding San Francisco's crowded and poorly ventilated Muni Trains.
"Ugh... I think I'm coming down with Muni Malaria. I probably got it from the tiny Asian lady with no sense of personal-space who kept coughing on me on my commute yesterday morning. The garlic bagel she had for breakfast wasn't very appetizing while being sneezed into my face."
by Jeffrey Glover November 05, 2007
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