she is the person you want by your side when the world ends she is fun, outgoing,loyal and by far the best person in the world
Muni is my girl she always has my back I want to be like her when I'm older
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 19, 2019
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noun. Used to describe an officer of the former Boston Municipal Police, now known as Boston Protective Services-AKA city hall guards
John-"I almost got caught blazin by some muni behind the school yesterday."
by TheUnit March 2, 2010
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1. Alternate term for money.
Note: can only be used by bad bitches. Underachievers need not apply. Log off.
"Daaaaamn gurl, u gettin all dat muny in abundance"
by YaGurlG September 2, 2012
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i have hella muni b
by dx.munii December 20, 2017
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A cute person. Plus friendly! A sweet smile , what a person!
How lucky munie!
by Whooo are me? December 30, 2017
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San Francisco's public transportation system. Consists of bus's, trolley cars, and subway metro trains. Fast, way over crowded at times and hella cheap. ($0.35 for ppl who appear under 17)
When I hop on MUNI on stockton st, i get to stand 1 inch close to 6 chinese people, 1 smelly hobo, a business man yacking on his phone, and a crackhead.
by hamydeez October 13, 2003
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Mountain Unicycle, or mountain unicycling. A unicycle outfitted for offroad and extreme riding. or, The Act of riding a unicycle off-road.
I got a new MUni. I went for for a MUni ride. I went MUniing.
by Dylan December 25, 2002
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