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Too Long; Didn't Read; Not Enough Pictures

Can also be pronounced tildernep (til-der-nep).

A quick reply to someone after they've sent you a link to a long boring web page which they said was "interesting" but all you saw as blah, blah, blah and not enough pictures.

As Americans, our attention span demands that everything be summarized to a quick sound-bite and be accompanied by pictures and/or video so that we may digest the data with very little effort. After all, we are busy texting, talking, watching TV, de-friending people, and reading several blog entries at the time we clicked your lousy link.
"My girlfriend forwarded me some link about global warming and it was totally tl;dr;nep. They should make a movie or something about it. Then maybe I'd care. If there were enough naked women in it. Score!"
by Jeffrey Glover December 03, 2007
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Phonetic pronunciation of tl;dr;nep (Too Long, Didn't Read, Not Enough Pictures)
verb: That link was sooooo tildernep. Stop sending me that shit!

noun: She emails me so much tildernep, that I just throw it away. She's so drama laden.
by Jeffrey Glover December 07, 2007
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General term for any of a number of cold or flu maladies that you get from riding San Francisco's crowded and poorly ventilated Muni Trains.
"Ugh... I think I'm coming down with Muni Malaria. I probably got it from the tiny Asian lady with no sense of personal-space who kept coughing on me on my commute yesterday morning. The garlic bagel she had for breakfast wasn't very appetizing while being sneezed into my face."
by Jeffrey Glover November 05, 2007
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