A female or a male who is very good looking and have people swooning over them
by annoymus125256 October 29, 2017
Someone who is an object of infatuation.
Tony is such a heartthrob. I get butterflies every time I see him.
by Mikella September 28, 2007
Heartthrob (n): One who is considered pleasing to the senses, often resulting in increased respiration, increased circulation to the face, and a noticeable "pounding" in the chest.

Heartthrob (n): Tom Felton
The instant Tom Felton entered the room, her heart began to pound beneath her chest and her face flushed red at the sight of the celebrity heartthrob.
by Amy_Marie97 January 9, 2011
Heartthrobs are very good looking guys that all the girls swoon over. Also known as South Korean boy band named BTS. 7 members who grace us with their perfection on a daily basis.
Lady: You're very good looking, are you ready to become North American heartthrobs?
Namjoon: What is heartthrob?
Lady: Oh, heartthrobs are very good looking guys that all the girls swoon over.
Namjoon: *gets shy and laughs whilst covering his face*
Lady: Are you guys ready for it?
Jin and J-hope: YEAHHHH
Jungkook: *laughs*
Yoongi, Taehyung and Jimin: *big smile*
Jin: *sends flying kiss*
Lady: *laughs*
Other members: *embarrassed and thinking ahh why is Hyung like this?*
by zxhrxk May 24, 2017
A man named Cho Kyuhyun of South Korean boy band Super Junior. He is an asshole but you still can't resist him no matter what. You can't not like the evil maknae.
Fangirl 1: Omg, that guy is so hot! But he's also an asshole, but it's hard not to love him.

Fangirl 2: Yup, that's a heartthrob right there.
by choiminhoe August 20, 2010
Kim Namjoon aka RM aka Mr Deep Dimples
"Who's that tall and handsome dude speaking?"
"Oh that's Kim Namjoon, the heartthrob of the nation"
by Rj's platter November 7, 2018
heart-throb, (härtthrb)

1.A pulsation of the heart; a heartbeat.

a. Sentimental or tender emotion.
b. Infatuation.

a. A sweetheart.
b. The object of one's infatuation.
Hey, have you seen Brad pit?
Yeah, he is such a heartthrob.
by vishal gaurav July 4, 2007