A marvoulous person. Goofy or silly. Always cares for others. Generally an outgoing person. Usually low-self esteem. Beautiful and intelligent but never takes compliments
by Countrygirl17953 November 17, 2014
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Raven is a sexy brown eyes average height chick.very kind sweet nice and a tough bitch.she goes and gets what she wants she is very outgoing but not all the time she gets kind of shy around the boy she really likes...she is very bright and very loud at times when she speaks loves to talk to friends and family.always talk about the same person alot.she loves to party,super good in BED.and kinda cocky sometimes.very hyper and have a nice booty
Jared:dude I want raven

Deshaun:i know right
by Zachary1207 December 17, 2013
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A self consious girl who just wants to be noticed. Tends to pick the wrong people to trust. Feels alone even when surrounded by people who love her. Falls in love easily but when its true love she thinks of him often. She doesnt trust well. Afraid of being rejected and alone. Longs to please people even when she knows they cant be pleased. Is a great listener. Brown haired and fairly chubby but pretty. Knows shes not beautiful and hates when people say she is.
Don't be such a Raven. Trust your friends
by Monkey6 March 12, 2013
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Raven is usually a girl who is very flirty. When she partys she'll party hard. She is outgoing and athletic. Ask her for something and she'll rarely turn you down. She is beautiful and spontaneous. She has a really good sense of humor. Ravens are amazing. If you the chance to meet one you will be very lucky. Raven's are sexy and mysterious girls. Dont underestimate them. They are competitive and creative. They arent very smart but when u explain something they will catch on... Eventually. They are bitches and they are independant. They stand up for themselves and dont let people push them around.
Guy 1: Damn that girl is such a Raven

Guy 2: Aww man I know.
by fiissshyyyymaaannnn December 05, 2010
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A girl with dark brown/ black hair. She tends to be a pushover but always nice. Like all of us she's been through a lot in her life and just wants someone to hold and love. She has few friends because she's a creative thinker and not many people can keep on track for too long. For some reason she's with a Dylan even though she's far too good for him.
"Did you see Raven over there?"
"Yeah, she seemed sad but when she smiled...I melted inside."
"Yeah, she's really somethin."
by lovinghotpocket December 29, 2011
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a young lady who is very amazing. she is also usually very beautiful and funny.can make anyone laugh!
*fine girl walks by smiling*
Jared: damn, is she a Raven or what?
Markus: mmhmm...she sure is!
by RaveyBaby May 31, 2008
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Hott / sexy girl with the dark hair and dark eyes who comes off to be older than she really is , or somewhat diffrent , and whimp .......has beautiful heart and loves many , cant loose true friend , opens up to few , dont mess with her emotions her mystery can become fatal for you .........
Damn raven looks sexy tonight !
by Dawn growder October 05, 2010
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