A person who is from India, and thus is BROWN.
This also implies that they are extremely intelligent.

Other names for a brown kid:
Apple Care Technician
Mocha Bear
Hot Chocolate
"Hey did you study for the calculus exam this week?"

"No, let's sit next to the Brown Kid ;)"
by ilovebrownie October 3, 2009
a kid that is indian, meaning they are very intelligent; whom also refers to himself or herself as brown or light brown, a nickname can also be a brownie.
Dude Jensen is such a brown kid I wish I was him
by brown kid jensun May 14, 2008
The brown kid quotient (or BKQ) is the number of total students divided by the number of brown kids in a school. It can be used to make quick and accurate judgments of a school's affluence and prestige. Closely related to a school's academic achievement.
Rich: Hey Allison, you should go to Queens with me.
Allison: Fuck that, the BKQ is too high, I'd get raped.

Nerd: I can't attend Fowler, its brown kid quotient is off the charts!!
by Quarr February 6, 2011
Patrick: Where is Paige?
Jill: She’s kicking the brown kids out of the house.
Patrick: That’s a positive sign. Yesterday the brown kids were running out of the house. Sounds like she is recovering.
by the coMANd'r September 6, 2019
Jill: Where’s Paige?
Patrick: Paige ate Mexican food last night and it did not sit right. She’s in the bathroom - the brown kids were running out of the house all day today.
by the coMANd'r September 5, 2019