Slang for a homosexual- short for "homo".
"You have 15 Barbra albums? You are such a 'mo".
by Duncan January 28, 2004
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Slang for a homosexual male

First heard in the Bret Easton Ellis book 'Glamorama'.
Lokk at that fruit with the pink rayon shirt. What a mo-mo.
by Joey D June 03, 2004
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Greatest man alive. Listens to what you have to say. Also a shoulder to cry on. Will never disappoint you. Simply someone who is a PLAYA PLAYA.
1. WOW look at that Mo
2. Look at Mo go!!
3. I luuv me some Mo.
by outa4950 February 03, 2010
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Actually the acronym M.O.S that stands for "Member of the Opposite Sex".

(You must have seen this word in some purity tests around the net)
Have you performed a strip tease for an MOS?
by Giorgio Orizio July 14, 2004
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